Continuing Practitioner Development (CPD)
Requirements for Level 2 Practitioners

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In addition to the required reading, candidates must complete 30 hours of continuing education at Level 2, Level 3, and each year thereafter in order to maintain AAMET practitioner status (on the CPD Record Form). This may seem daunting, but almost anything you do to further your knowledge or your EFT counts for what AAMET calls CPD (Continuing Professional Development) credit, including reading more books from the booklist. We highly recommend the EFT Hub, their free informational weekends, and the Tapping Insider’s Club and it’s Tapping Summits, also Details of suggestions about what can be used for this requirement include but are not limited to any of the DVD’s available at especially these:

    • The Power of EFT – EFT Master Peter Graham (from the EFT DVD of the Month Club)
    • NLP and EFT Movie Technique – EFT Master Rehana Webster (from the EFT DVD of the Month Club)
    • Color of Pain – Foundations • How To Tap – Introduction to Meridian Tapping Techniques (The Movie Technique, Color of Pain, Talk & Tap, Matrix Reimprinting)
    • Essentials for EFT Excellence, John Bullough (from the EFT DVD of the Month Club)
    • EFT Helps, EFT Master Gwyneth Moss
    • Excellence in EFT with Ann Adams
    • The 9 Steps of Reframing – EFT Master Maya deVries (from the EFT DVD of the month Club)
    • Compulsive Helping – EFT Master Loretta Sparks (from the Healing the Cycle of Addiction Set)

Also, any of the following:

    • Participating in ANY personal or professional development activity that could reasonably be expected to add to a practitioner's competency, including:
    • Attending or delivering ANY professional training (EFT oriented or otherwise) that could reasonably be expected to add to a practitioner's competency
    • Repeating training and/or preparing for further professional accreditation
    • Writing and reflecting on the Practitioner’s own case studies, including case study self-evaluations
    • Reading and remaining current with developments in Meridian and/or AAMET • Reading relevant books, newsletters
    • Regular, documented use of the Personal Peace Procedure and other forms of personal therapy, with or without the help of others
    • Participating in discussion groups, teleconferences, or webinars relating to Meridian Energy Techniques
    • Documenting the integration of EFT into an existing practice
    • Participating in ANY activity that furthers the interests of the EFT community and/or AAMET, including:

      • Taking EFT into the community
      • Developing a specific application of EFT (e.g. for sports or business)
      • Translating EFT material into another language
      • Developing a new EFT product/approach with wide application
      • Conducting and publishing a relevant research project
      • Writing and publishing or contributing to a relevant book, e-book, article, or newsletter
      • Writing a summary of the achievement of a major life ambition with EFT
      • Moderating EFT tapping or discussion groups, teleconferences, etc.