AAMET Level 2 Requirements

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  1. Attend AAMET EFT Level 1 & 2 in-person workshops by an AAMET Trainer (If you’ve attended Level training with a trainer not certified by AAMET, you may still qualify. Contact me on an individual basis for testing: ngnecco@gwi.net)

  2. Pass the Level 2 exam (online – separate charge )

  3. Discuss/sign your to consultation contract in order to become a Level 2 Practitioner Candidate

  4. Complete fifty (50) hours working with at least 25 individuals (EFT Practice Session Form).

  5. Complete a minimum of 6 hours private mentoring (or equivalent) on the application of EFT.

  6. Commitment to, and document, on-going personal EFT work. (Swap sessions, Personal Peace Procedure, paid sessions with advanced practitioners.)

  7. Submission of 3 full sessions with case studies (a combination of live, in-training, audio and/or video all accompanied by written reports. At least one must be live or videotaped. The other two must be either audio or video. All must be accompanied by a client questionnaire, and a practitioner self-evaluation. Click here for Practitioner Guidelines for Case Studies.

  8. Submit two letters of recommendation regarding your professional use of EFT in practice, your ethics and professional character from either peers or colleagues.

At this time, Nancy Gnecco is only teaching Levels 1 & 2 and is referring to other EFTUnited practitioners for Level 3 while she assists in developing the Masters Program.