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There are several programs emerging in response to an increased interest in EFT certification. We support an individual's freedom to choose. Here are some of the reasons why Founding EFT Master Nancy Gnecco supports AAMET EFT certification over others:

    • Those certifying EFT for AAMET have immense clinical experience including private practices, proven practitioner skills, a history of supervising, recommendations from students and clients, and more.

    • The majority of EFT Masters currently teaching EFT Levels are all following AAMET’s curriculum, regulations and syllabus.

    • AAMET’s grandparenting policy clearly recognizes previous training and experience.

    • AAMET has been in place for over 8 years with a vast amount of practical and administrative experience in this area.

    • When compared with other programs, AAMET certification is highly cost effective

    • AAMET has a code of ethics and an established complaints procedure to assure adherence.

    • Both licensed and unlicensed professionals are welcome in AAMET’s certification process.

      AAMET’s EFT Master curriculum is being developed by current EFT Masters with the assistance of Ann Adams who originally established the EFT Masters program with EFT founder Gary Craig.

      AAMET has existed for more than eight years and functions in a democratic fasion (that does not rely on the permanent leadership of any one person who might eventually retire and leave the program as Gary Craig needed to do in June, 2010). It is a non-profit organization run by members. All members have the opportunity to join AAMET committees and all members have voting privileges.
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