AAMET Workshop Content
Levels 1 and 2

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AAMET LEVEL 1 (based on the EFT manual by EFT Founder Gary Craig)

The aim of this self-help course is for individuals to learn EFT for the purpose of working on their personal issues. It is not intended, at this stage, to be used with others.

  1. EFT Origins & Backgrounds - Building bridges
  2. The discovery statement and the Television ZZZZZT metaphor
  3. Psychological Reversal
  4. Short-cut version of EFT for self-use
  5. How to evaluate the work: SUDs and physical feelings
  6. Refinements:

    a. Importance of being specific
    b. Aspects and shifting aspects
    c. “Your point”
    d. The importance of persistence
    e. “Try it on everything.
    f. The importance of testing results
    g. Handling excessive intensity
    h. The Generalization Effect
    i. Cognitive belief shiftsj. When EFT appears not to work

  7. The Personal Peace Procedure
  8. The Constricted Breathing Technique
  9. EFT for bothersome memories
  10. EFT for physical issues (pains or discomforts)
  11. EFT for cravings (Chocolate and others)
  12. EFT for phobias
  13. Demonstrations
  14. Group practices


Level 2 (Equivalent to the EFT 2 program from Gary Craig)

The aim of this workshop is for the people to be able to start using EFT with others. Please note that at this time Levels 1 and 2 are being offered together in a three day, 21 hour workshop format.

  1. EFT 1 review and reminder
  2. Principles from The Palace of Possibilities: Writings on our walls, etc.
  3. Full Basic Recipe
  4. Additional tapping points
  5. Ethics and methods of working with others
  6. EFT and traumatic memory
  7. The Telling the story Technique
  8. New techniques to be gentler:

    -The Movie Technique
    -The Tearless Trauma Technique
    -Sneaking up on the problem

  9. Handling excessive intensity
  10. Finding Core Issues
  11. Testing Results
  12. Working by Telephone or Skype
  13. EFT for groups
  14. Borrowing Benefits
  15. Demonstrations
  16. Practices diads and triads

At this time, Nancy Gnecco is only teaching Levels 1 & 2 and is referring to other EFTUnited/AAMET practitioners for Level 3 while she assists in developing the AAMET Masters Program.

Click here to learn why Nancy Gnecco and many other EFT Founding Masters endorse the AAMET certification program over others.